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How to achieve Tik Tok’s hottest makeup look: the 60s mod eye

For millions of people stuck at home during the lockdown, Tik Tok has offered an endless source of inspiration and entertainment. Beauty influencers and makeup artists are particularly popular on the platform, with makeup and skincare tutorials booming. One of the biggest makeup trends to gain momentum on Tik Tok is none other than the famous 1960s mode eye. First made famous by stars like Twiggy and Cher, the 1960s mod eye is making a major comeback, with thousands of content creators recreating the look. Though it’s been in and out of fashion over the last 50 years, it seems this retro classic is now more popular than ever. The Independent reports that since the start of 2021, the hashtag #60sglamour has racked up more than 42.7 million views!

There are various versions of this look, and everyone has their own way of wearing it. Like most of the makeup and beauty trends from the 1960s, the mod eye is fun and flirtatious. Think pastel eyeshadow, dark creases, exaggerated lash lines and long lashes. Tik Tok influencers make it look easy, but for first‐timers, the mod eye can be a bit of a challenge. Here are our tips on how to perfect it at home (and which products you should have in your toolkit!).

What you’ll need:
Black eyeliner – and plenty of it. You can either use a pencil liner or a gel liner (select the one you’re the most comfortable using). What’s important is that the formula draws or glides onto the skin easily, without you having to drag the skin. For gel, we recommend 

Pretty by Flormar Gel Eyeliner BlackPretty By Flormar’s Gel Eyeliner in Black (R109.95).


If you prefer a pencil liner, try

  • Pretty By Flormar’s Kajal Eyeliner in Black (R84.95)
  • OR wet n wild’s Mega Last Breakup‐Proof Retractable Eyeliner in Black (R55.96).

White eyeliner – white eyeliner on the waterline is a 60s staple for creating a wide‐eyed effect. We recommend Pretty By Flormar Eye Liner Pencil in White (R29.95). Liquid liner – you’ll need this for faux bottom lashes and definition. Try Pretty By Flormar Vinyl Dip Liner in Black (R99.95) or wet n wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Black (R59.96). Faux lashes or volume mascara – long, black lashes play a major role in just about every 1960s eye makeup look. As far as mascara goes, look for formulas that are volume‐driven. When it comes to faux lashes, bigger is better, and volume is key.

We recommend Pretty By Flormar Volumising Mascara (R94.95) or wet n wild Max Volume Plus Mascara Amp’d Black (R111.96).

For falsies, try Kiss Look So Natural Lashes in Flirty (R112.99) or Kiss Blowout Lashes in Pixie (R102.49). Pastel eyeshadow in a shade of your choice. Mint and baby blue are mod eye classics, but you can mix it up with any shade that best suits your complexion. Try wet n wild’s Single Eyeshadow in Sugar (R35.16), or wet n wild Eyeshadow Quad in Petalette (R75.96). Make application easy by using a good quality eyeshadow brush like the Real Techniques Eye Shade & Blend Brush Set (R246.99). The denser brush packs on colour for maximum payoff, while the bigger brush is perfect for blending your crease colour precisely.



  • We recommend starting with your liquid liner. A simple, small winged cat-eye is your first step. Carefully line your top eyelid, staying as close to the lash line as possible and keeping the line as thin as possible.
  • Wing it out by creating a slight flick when you get to the end and draw it back inwards, stopping at the inner corner of your eye. The next step is figuring out where to draw your “crease.” The crease line will be applied just your natural crease, which creates the illusion of bigger eyes. For those of us who aren’t professionals, a simple trick can help: use your liquid liner to draw a small dot just above the end of your crease, another one in the centre of your eye above the crease and a third one just above the crease in the inner corner of your eye.
  • Next, take your gel or pencil liner and connect the dots to create your new crease line.
  • Apply pastel eyeshadow of your choice below the drawn crease line and line your waterline with your white pencil eyeliner.
  • Last but not least is your lashes. If you’re applying falsies, now is the time to get them in position. Depending on how neatly you have applied the glue, you may want to add another coat or two of liquid liner once you’ve secured them. If you’re opting for a volume mascara instead, be sure to apply several coats to ensure maximum drama.
  • At this stage you can either stop while you’re ahead, or go the full 60s route with drawn‐on bottom lashes. To perfect drawn‐on lower lashes, use a sharp pencil liner to carefully draw your lines.
  • To keep them as symmetrical as possible, we suggest alternating between your eyes after each line.
  • Once the pencil lines have been drawn, you can go over them with your liquid liner to intensify them.
  • And there you have it – the 1960s mod eye!
  • Because the look is quite dramatic, we suggest keeping the rest of your makeup minimal so that all the attention is on your eyes.



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