ABOUT Kiss & Impress

KISS takes great pride in being a global leader in professional quality beauty products.

Empowering women to “bring the salon home” and express their personal style, on their terms, is the KISS WAY since day one, and it has thrived beautifully over the past 30 years.

Among many notable KISS accomplishments, the first DIY glue on artificial nail was met with rave reviews, but by far, the company’s shining star is the press-on nail. Featuring patented SuperHold technology and an amazing gel finish, this innovation literally revolutionized the beauty industry.

KISS is also a major player in the false eyelash business. 

“bring the salon home”

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Prepare to change the way you lash! Magnetize your makeup routine with NEW KISS Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes. Smudge proof and wind-resistant.
Dermatologist tested


Kiss & imPRESS nails are made with a high-performance resin material that’s flexible, like your natural nails. A slim tapered cuticle creates a weightless contoured fit, resulting in the most seamless natural look.

Yes! You can wash dishes, shampoo your hair, shower and even swim while wearing Kiss & imPRESS. The dual-layer adhesive with SuperHold technology conforms to the natural nail so water won’t get in or loosen grip.

imPRESS nails are made with a new, patented SuperHold adhesive, which uses our exclusive dual-layer technology where the top layer binds to the artificial nail and the bottom layer adheres to your natural nail for stay put perfection!

You might be able to use some of them with another manicure. Try buying a pattern that complements a colour and mix the leftovers together for a unique mani. Or, you can trade them with a friend who may use different sizes than you.

Both Kiss & imPRESS nails are not reusable. Kiss nails are used with glue that once used may compromise the integrity of the nails itself and impress nails are made to be very flexible to provide for a comfortable fit that appears natural. Therefore, when removed they become distorted and cannot be reused.

Avoid cutting, but feel free to file the nails to create the length and shape that you prefer…but wait until about 1 hour after initial application in order to give the imPRESS nails time to fully bond with your natural nails.

However Kiss Nails can be filed and shaped to your desired shape.

They are long-lasting and can be reused multiple times without looking worn out. Depending on the size of your eyes, you may have to cut them down a bit, but generally, they are easy to apply and comfortable to wear for most eye shapes and eye sizes. The great thing about these lashes is that they are flexible


To keep up with changing fashion and beauty trends, nail colours and patterns might change periodically. If you find a pattern or colour that you love, you may want to stock up!

Choose the smaller size imPRESS nail if your nail size falls in between sizes. The imPRESS nail will expand when you press firmly onto natural nails during application, conforming to your nail bed size for a sure fit.


Don’t force or pull! You gently peel off from the side to remove. If your imPRESS nails seem really ‘stuck’, apply acetone nail polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, then peel off. You can use the enclosed wood stick to help lift the imPRESS nail at the sides.

To ensure that your imPRESS nails adhere properly, you must first prep your natural nails with the enclosed Prep Pad. This essential step helps free your nail surface of oil and other debris. It’s also essential that you use the right size nails. If you are in between nail sizes or aren’t sure which size to use, choosing the smaller size is always best for lasting wear and a more natural look. Also wait for 1 hour after application to cut or file nails or to apply hand lotion or cuticle oil.


When properly applied, and depending on your lifestyle, imPRESS can last from a few days to a full week. The great thing about imPRESS is that they are meant to be changed up as often as you want to match your mood at any moment.

Each imPRESS Press-on Manicure kit includes 30 nails in 12 sizes.

False lashes can cause damage by “waxing” your natural lashes out when they are peeled abruptly after being placed incorrectly on the lash line. Every time this happens it plucks our your natural lashes, and over time the damage gets worse and worse.

Gently peel from the one end of your eyelid while holding down the other end with your hand. It I s preferred that you use makeup remover to do so to ensure you remove lashes safely.

Customer Favourites:

Kiss Salon Acrylic Nude Cashmere

Created with acrylic-infused technology, these natural nails are strong just like salon acrylics but have a bubble-free, flawless finish and are thinner at the cuticle for a seamless look.

Wear these easy-to-apply nails bare or add your favorite polish!
Kit contains 28 nails, Pink gel glue (2g), Mini file, Manicure stick How To Use Application: Clean nails with acetone polish remover; select correct size nail for each finger and set aside in order. Nails are sized by number, noted on nail Easy-Apply Tab.

Apply glue to back of artificial nail.
Apply glue to natural nail.
Align with cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds.
Remove tab by bending down, then up. Expert Tip: Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure adhesion, and extend wear. Removal: Do not force or pull nails off. Trim & file surface to disrupt protective top coat.
Soak nails in KISS all in one artificial nail remover or acetone polish remover until soft. Wipe off softened nails & glue.

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