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Australian Gold® has produced the Best Tanning Lotions with Superior Bronzing Power, Advanced Skincare and Unbeatable Results.

Australian Gold® formulas are based on Natural Science Skin Care Chemistry, which means key ingredients are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest looking skin possible, so the tan you get is your own…naturally!

Australian Gold® formulas are filled with advanced antioxidant vitamin therapy such as Vitamins C, E and CoQ10. Additionally, plant-derived extracts and exotic, premium moisturisers supply even more moisture and important enzymes for exceptional skin care.

Natural Science Skin Care Chemistry

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Yes, we are 100% Cruely and Vegan friendly

PF stands for Sun Protection Factor.  It is a measure used worldwide to indicate the level of sunscreen protection. Using an SPF 15 sunscreen means it will take 15 times longer for skin to begin to burn than it would without sunscreen.  Sunscreen is a monitored over the counter (OTC) drug product that is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All sunscreens sold in the US must pass specific testing mandated by the FDA.


There are two types of ultraviolet (UV) rays that can harm your skin – UVA and UVB.  In this light spectrum graphic you will see that Ultraviolet (UV) rays are all the way to the left. They cannot be seen by the human eye. In the middle, you will notice the visible light spectrum, which we are able to see. All the way to the right, we have Infrared light. We will be focusing on UV rays. There are two types that can harm your skin – UVA and UVB.

UVA rays are responsible for skin aging  (Remember A = Aging)

In the US, the product either passes or fails a Critical Wavelength test. If it passes, UVA protection can be claimed.

AG completes additional testing on most products to gain more detailed information about how much UVA protection is provided.

 UVB rays are responsible for sunburns  (Remember B = Burn)

SPF # is a theoretical measure of the UVB protection. The number indicates how much longer you can stay in the sun without burning.

Water Resistant is how long the product maintains the SPF # when exposed to water

 A Broad Spectrum sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

*Full Spectrum is a newer term that you may have seen on SPF products.  However, there is no legally regulated definition of full spectrum, so do your research to understand how the product claiming it is defining the term.

The recommended amount of sunscreen for the average person is 1 fluid ounce. A simple way to remember how much sunscreen to apply is to imagine the amount of sunscreen that would fit in a shot glass or the size of a golf ball.

Sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied every 2 hours or immediately after swimming, sweating or towel drying.

Active Ingredients are the ingredients that cause a physical change in the skin – in this case providing protection. They are the reason why sunscreens are classified as OTC products.

There are two general types of sunscreen – chemical and mineral. They both protect skin from UVA and UVB rays, but they work differently.

No, our products do not contain PABA.

Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA as it is more commonly known, is a chemical substance that is found in the folic acid vitamin and also in several foods including grains, eggs, milk, molasses, liver and kidney. PABA is also prepared industrially for use in sunscreen and local anesthetic agents.

An Instant Bronzer is an ingredient that provides an immediate hue to skin. Since it is cosmetic, the color is temporary and will wash off with soap and water.

Our range of instant bronzers are the below;


On Spray Gels and Lotions, the expiration date is printed or stamped on the back label in the lower right-hand corner. On Continuous Sprays, the expiration date is printed on the bottom of the can. The expiration date is stamped on the top of the tube on Sheer Coverage Lotions.

Customer Favourites:

Nip And Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub 75ml


Scrub your skin to perfection with a new breed of facial exfoliator, Glycolic Fix Scrub. This 3-in-1 micro exfoliant is packed with 3% glycolic acid and salicylic acid to refine, brighten + renew. Glycolic Fix Scrub works deep into pores to cleanse, polish + reduce blemishes from the first use. With a fruity grapefruit scent, it energises + awakens the skin.

Key benefits:
3% glycolic acid: gently exfoliates + retextures
salicylic acid: cleanses pores


Gently massage on damp skin avoiding the eye contour area • Rinse with lukewarm water • Use 1-3 times per week • We recommended that you carry out a patch test before first application. Cautions: Keep out of reach for children. Do not use on children under 3 years old. Do not use on peeling or irritated skin. Use sunscreen during day time.

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