Nicole Carter

Hair Porosity

An insider’s guide to hair porosityYou may have heard the term “hair porosity,” but do you know what it means? Hair porosity refersto your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Each strand of hair has a flexible outer layerknown as the hair “cuticle” and the cuticle determines how easily moisture can pass in and …

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How to achieve Tik Tok’s hottest makeup look: the 60s mod eye

For millions of people stuck at home during the lockdown, Tik Tok has offered an endless source of inspiration and entertainment. Beauty influencers and makeup artists are particularly popular on the platform, with makeup and skincare tutorials booming. One of the biggest makeup trends to gain momentum on Tik Tok is none other than the …

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How to detox and repair your hair

festive season has come and gone, and we’re right in the middle of our typically hot and humid South African summer. While a lot of us feel the need to detox our body and skin at the start of the year, we tend to forget to do the same for our hair. After a festive period filled with indulgences, swimming and time spent outdoors, followed by a hit‐the‐ground‐running start to the work year, your hair might be in need of some serious TLC

How to conquer hat hair

This winter has been particularly harsh, with SA being hit with one cold front after another. Many of us are living in our beanies, and can’t leave home without a hat or hoodie. While beanies and hats are trendy winter staples, they actually also go a long way in trapping heat and keeping us